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The Case for Prepaid Debit Cards

Jerry Brito recently published a paper entitled “The Case for Electronic Cash.” He argues that peer-to-peer forms of payment like banknotes and cryptocurrency are essential to modern...
J.P. Koning- Mar 21, 2019

Philadelphia-Area Manufacturing Survey Remains Positive

The results of the Philadelphia Fed’s Manufacturing Business Outlook Survey was generally favorable in March. In general, respondents were more upbeat about current conditions but...
Robert Hughes- Mar 21, 2019

Golden Eggs and the Challenge of Our Time

Can we get capitalism’s golden goose to lay more eggs, and do so soon enough to avoid the Washington-planned economy that many now envision? That appears to be a key question in 2019. We...
Bruce Yandle- Mar 21, 2019

Capitalism Saved Sweden

Josh Billings famously diagnosed a problem with beliefs: "I honestly believe it is better to know nothing than to know what ain't so.” I am astonished at how many students, and for that...
Michael Munger- Mar 21, 2019

Fed Reverses Course on Rates (Video)

What it means that the Fed has decided to stop rate hikes. Video from Edward Stringham appearing on Yahoo Finance.   
Edward Peter Stringham- Mar 20, 2019

Put Freedom First

To put “America First” has been something that the U.S. president has promised from the first day in office. In his inauguration speech a little more than two years ago, he made clear...
Kai Weiss- Mar 20, 2019


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