The NBA’s China Problem Due to Political Control Over Markets

There is one important difference in the words and actions of Donald Trump and those of President Xi Jinping and his government in China: Donald cannot command that all companies doing business with the NFL.

Richard M. Ebeling – October 16, 2019
Mises vs. Marx - The March of History

Watch Mises vs. Marx: The March of History

Extremely pleased to announce the release of “The March of History,” a musical a project of the American Institute for Economic Research three years in the making.

– October 16, 2019

Introduction to Farsi Edition of Human Action

Now you own it. Learn from it. Return to it again and again. May it always be with us, widely circulated in every land and every language, forever.

– October 15, 2019

The Case for Free Trade is a Unilateral One

The coherent and correct case for free trade is a case for unilateral free trade, one that applies to each country individually.

– October 15, 2019

Government Is the Real Victim of “Billionaire Greed”

Casting billionaires as direct actors leading to poverty and inequality puts the actual well-being of people behind the short-term success of someone’s political agenda. Now that’s what I call injustice.

– October 15, 2019

Why Is AIER Publishing Karl Marx?

Reading the source helps you find the root errors and not get buffeted about by fake arguments that turn up on the news daily. In general, this task just granted me more confidence in a similar way that reading the right-Hegelians did.

– October 14, 2019

Introduction to The Best of Karl Marx

To the modern economist directly grappling with Marx’s economic theories remains a necessary step for pursuing informed and rigorous engagement with their unavoidable political progeny.

– October 14, 2019

What If Everyone Is Wrong about Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos?

It’s time to end the witch hunts meant to quiet the minds and actions of those who want to force the change without which there is no progress.

– October 14, 2019

Why Women Workers Might Be Less Willing to Delegate

People love demographic generalization of the workplace because they simplify what is actually incomprehensibly complex. So the newest study of professional women was destined to go viral: “Women Are Less Likely to Delegate Than Men—and That Might Hurt …

– October 13, 2019

Trump Wins the Trade War. Everyone Else Loses

You have to look hard to find good news in this poor excuse for a U.S./China trade deal, but there is this: there is no longer much dispute about the harm the trade war has caused everyone – everyone but the man who will claim to have won it.

– October 12, 2019

Government Can’t Legislate Away Innovation

Governments have only edicts and guns to enforce them. Ideas, on the other hand, take flight because they enter into the human imagination, spread like wildfire, and construct the narrative of history itself.

– October 12, 2019

The Cultural Case Against Immigration Is Weak at Best

Opposition to immigration takes many forms. Most of these forms are easily tackled empirically and are found to be wanting.

– October 12, 2019

The Fed Should Not Paper Over the President’s Policy Errors

Printing money cannot dry up a flood or produce more rainfall in a drought. And it cannot fix the very real problems that result from a trade war.

– October 11, 2019


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